About: This cuvée comes from seven-year-old Modrý Portugal (Blauer Portugieser) vines. The Vad Vineyard is planted to VSP on a south-west facing slope. The grapes are destemmed and fermented in open top vat for roughly two weeks. The cap is plunged daily by hand for gentle extraction. The wines goes through a super short three month élevage in barrel before being bottled without any Sulphur. 167 Cases Produced.


About: This wine is made from a wild combination of Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Devín (a cross of Gewurztraminer and Roter Veltliner) and Aurelieus (a cross of Neuburger and Riesling). The grapes are all destemmed before they undergo several types of fermentation. The Grüner spends six months under flor, the Welschriesling and Devín are aged in barrel on full lees, and the Aurelieus is fermented on skins. The wine is eventually assembled (including portions of the last six vintages) and bottled without fining, filtration, or Sulphur. 67 Cases Produced.



About: This wine is a blend of Alibernet (a cross of Alicante Bouchet and Cabernet Sauvignon) from 2017, Dunaj (a crossing of Blauer Portugieser and Sankt Laurent) from 2017, and Modrý Portugal from 2018. The grapes from 2017 were co-fermented in open top vats with gentle hand plunging for two weeks. The finished wine was settled in barrel for three months and then bottled without Sulphur. 541 Cases Produced.



About: This sparkling wine is made entirely from Devín. The base wine is fermented for a short period of time in new oak, before being moved to stainless steel tank. It then spends several years on lees. From the most recent vintage is fermented in stainless steel, and blended with the older base wine. The blend is bottled and continues to ferment until the wine reaches between 2-3 atmospheres of pressure. It is unfined and unfiltered with no added Sulphur. 125 Cases Produced.