We (Erik Mercier & Mark Couillard) started this project in 2016 because we absolutely love wine. Despite there being plenty of great vino available in Alberta, we felt like there was something missing.

No importers had dedicated themselves to the (perhaps shrouded) world of Natural Wines. These are wines that have as few additives and adjustments possible. That means no acidification or deacidification, no chaptalization or reverse osmosis, no enzymes or DAP, fermentations and conversions with ambient microbes, organics in the vineyard, fermentation and ageing in neutral vessels, minimal fining or filtration, no additional natural nor artificial colour, and sometimes even avoiding sulphur altogether. Wines like this are much harder to make and as such, many are riddled with flaws. Fortunately, we have done our homework and are importing the top of the pack. 

Our personal predispositions heavily influence the wines we chose to bring into the country. We tend to avoid wines aged in excessive new oak or that have outlandish alcohol levels. We also tend to enjoy wines with high acid levels. We're not impartial to volatile acidity and brettanomyces but they must be in balance. 

Finally, we love dealing directly with winemakers and grape growers. After years working at the retail level, we'd be happy never talking to another soulless export director for as long as we're alive. Most of our producers are very small; because of this, many cuvées are only available once or twice each year. As a result, we deal mostly with boutique wine shops and independent restaurants.